PHC - Pre Heating Chamber

for 2,4 or 8 ingot packages

optionally with heat exchanger

Type: PHC-2 /-4 /-8

The PHC ( Pre Heating Chamber ) is a pre-heating box,powered exclusively by the exhaust gases of a melting furnace.Depending on the type,it contains 2,4 or 8 ingot packages.Th preheating chamber with a 8 pig packages is deeper; the ingot packages stand behind each other.The large loading door drives in two-speed electrically open and close.The door is secured by two anti-fall devices.This purely mechenical and works much like in elevator.

Due the Overdrive feature th preheating chamber raises the internal temperature above the melting point of aluminium.So the ingot packages in the chamber can reach even faster to desired temperature of 400 º C.Without melting the inside aluminium of course.

Th preheating chamber usually is operated on the control of the furnace.if this is not possible or not desired,the operation takes place at a free-standing control panel or through a control panel on side.The heart of the operation is a 9“ large touch panel ( Siemens ).As in our usual a fail-safe PLC is also used.Thus,security is also here perfectly catered for your safety.

Optionally,the preheating chamber can be combined with an exhaust gas heat exchanger.The standart heat exchenger has a capacity of 300 kW to 720 kw during hot water operation.