Low Pressure Furnace -THERMDOS

Low Pressure Furnace type : Thermdos ND

With different versions from 800 to 2000 kg capacity, the program provides for Low pressure  furnace of Foundr4 a high flexibility for use in low pressure die casting.

The heating by SIC heating elements ensures low energy consumption at high service life.Compared to ladle furnace systems, energy savings of up to 60% and more can be achieved.

The dosing of th liquid metal takes place via the aplication of compressed air of the entire interior furnace chamber through a ceramic riser tube.

As a control a PLC control ( made by Siemens type S7-300 ) is used,wich activates the pneumatic actuators..Operation via a 12" touch display.

The refilling is a taken place exclusively with liquid metal and because of the specific design of the refilling device virtually with no contamination of the metal.

A generously sized cleaning aperture with pivoting cleaning door allows easy cleaning of the interior furnace chamber.

The use of premium materials, modern insulating materials and high-quality refractory materials provides a high level of operational life expectancy with only little need for spare parts and maintenance.