LH - Ladle Heater

Type : LH900 and LH1200

The Ladle Heater-sintering station LH900 and LH1200 heated transfer ladles with a diameter of max.900 or max.1200 mm.

For fast heat up is a gas burner with 20-119 kW available.Through a clever air guiding the energy is optimally used.

Furthermore,the heat well distributed.Measurements at a large automobile manufacturers have shown that the temperature differences in the transport ladle lying at a maximum only 90 K.

Thus,the values are significantly ahead of the competition, whose surface burner pan bottom greatly overheated.With 178 K the heat ditribution was far more uneven.

All together,the ladle heater the best combination between an anergy savings and robust technology for everyday in a melting factory.

On a touch screen technology can be easily sintered curves or other automatic programs cen be retrieved.A total of 10 programs can be stored in the controller.

The station certainly recognized a ladle palaced below, without the projects a limit switches or similar downward.

Thus, not only a frequent source of error is liminated,and th ladle change accelerated considerably.