SM - Stack Melter

Type: SM ( Stack Melter )

The SM2/4 eco+ to SM5/12 eco+ is a very economical,hydraulically tilting aluminium melting furnace.The aluminum is melted in the shaft and reaches liquid into the bathroom.Can be charged to the furnace through a charging machine.The furnace is extremely space-saving designed.

The optional dual energy use in the furnace he achieved a perfect energy efficiency in melting and holding.

So the material will usually preheated in th shaft and cooled flue gases to about 550º C as in the shaft furnace.In the second stage the flue gases are further cooled in two heat regenerators to about 170º C.

So the energy remains where is belongs-in th furnace.

The regenerators (option) retain nearly their performance even in low-filled shaft.Thus,the furnace remains at free melting efficient and does not waste energy.

The thermally charged regenerator transfers its heat energy back to the hot air burner on.The so preheated air flowing at about 450º C to the burner.

For self-cleaning / dust removal af the Al2O3-balls in the two regenerators an electric external vibrator is mounted in each case.

The digital gas-air ratio control with Lambda sensor keeps the combustion air ratio always exactly in the optimal range.Thus can be achieved in combination with heat recovery, a thermal efficiency 91%.