MF -Melting Furnace ( Ramp )

The MF (Melting Furnace ) is a hydraulically tilting furnace for aluminium.The aluminium is melted down in the shaft and liquid enters the bathroom.The furnace can be loaded by a forklift truck and/or via charging machine .

The furnace is extremely space-saving design.İt is shorter in the performance class itself to the most compact again by about a melter.

The dual use of energy in the furnace it raches a good energy efficiency during melting.While keeping warm the ecohold function has a great benefits.

Through an almost hermetically sealed furnace no heat energy escapes more in the chimney.

The exhaust gas is run on spcial paths out of the furnace and has a temperature of only 288 ºC.

The energy is there where it blongs - in the furnace.


The system is characterized by:

Clean flue gases

The furnace has an integrated thermal afterburning.Almost all pollutants are decomposed.Thus ,the system,the German TA-Luft and can be connected without filters or scrubers on the fireplace.

Very low heated consumption

The ecohold function of holding consumption is reduced by around 50%.The flue gas temperature only 288º C.

Thus,th energy rmains where is belongs-in the furnace.

Very space - saving

About the optimum interior geometry is it possibility to place th dross container portion under the furnace, this is very space saving.Unbeatable in height and lenght, of all other systems on the market.

Durable refractory lining

Regarding " refractory" sets new standarts here.So with us there will be a genuine refractory engineering.This defines all the parameters of the invudial segments and combines them for optimal alignment,anchoring and size.