CSF - Chip Smelting Furnace with Melting Pocket Two stirrers

Type: CSF1/8 optional with eco+Option

The CSF1/8 ( Chip Smelting Furnace) is hydraulically tilting aluminium chip melting furnace.The prepared (cleaned and dried) aluminium chips are continiusly suplied to the melting pocket.The chips are pulled by two stirers immediately below the bath surface so that it does not lead to oxidation of the chip (burn-off).

Due the eco+ option the furnace takes advantage of his regenerative burner system.By an almost hermetically sealed furnace no heat energy escapes longer in the chimney.The exhaust gas is conducted in a special way from the furnace and has a temperature of only 300º C.

The energy remains where it belongs in the furnace.

Compared to the competition this industrial furnace clearly superior in terms of energy consumption.

The system is operated in a free-standing cabinet with a 12“ Large touch panel (Siemens TP1200) and control elements.As we normally do here a fail-safe PLC is used.Thus,here is well taken care of for your safety.

The system holds the comparison with the competition at every point was.When it comes to holding the excise system is clearly superior.