Andres Gmbh

Andres Gießereitechnik GmbH produces industrial furnaces and machines for foundries, smelters and remelting plants. 
In the area of ​​aluminum melting technology and handling of liquid aluminum, BMW AG is fully committed to us. The systems delivered to date were developed in close coordination with BMW and surpass all expectations.

With the HSF (hybrid melting furnace), we are developing, together with Adrian Hengelmolen, the melting furnace that the foundry world needs.

  • With an unprecedented efficiency - perfect in energy consumption,
  • With very little metal loss, high performance in the melting range,
  • Absolutely operationally safe, optimal in operation, cleaning and handling.

In our plants, we also reflect the know-how and knowledge that we have been able to collect at the melting plants through years of maintenance activities, optimizations and conversions, especially at BMW.
The main focus of the development is to offer aluminum foundries a completely new technology that is unmatched in terms of energy efficiency. With our absolutely satisfied customers, we are currently developing this new dimension in the world of melt technology.